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I like the Clone Wars cartoon... there I said it. I wish it was a little more dark, a little more adult, and a little less "stompy" on the somewhat putrid flesh of a once great franchise, but overall, it is fun. I really like the Asoka character, and also the Asajj Ventress character and a lot of the other things going for it (clone troopers, etc), even though they violate alot of the "sense" of the overarching story.

All that being said, I think that this edit really nailed the best of what Clone Wars could have been. I liked that they treated Asoka more like the youngling she is, leaving her at the temple, etc. I also like how the story of Domino company (one of my favorite arcs) complemented the rest of the narrative.

My biggest problem, however, is that the episodic nature of the story made itself known: The spider-alien general who is a major villain then disappears, the really long gap between clone segments, the abrupt appearance and disappearance of Asoka, Ventress being there with no introduction. Minor quibbles really, but they still nagged at me a bit as I watched and ultimately lessened the experience. Perhaps it was my familiarity with the source material, and I intend to show it to a friend who has never seen the show before and see if they notice.

Overall, however, I found it to be very fun and a nice change of tone for material I already enjoyed but wanted more from. Definitely a watch again.

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