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Smudger9 has done a fantastic job of creating a genuine Star Wars movie experience out of a set of Clone Wars episodes. I truly hope the rest of his series are woven together as masterfully as this first release. The narrative is nearly flawless with constant themes throughout and a strong feeling that the story comes full circle in a naturally way.

A few of the transitions could have been a little stronger, several seem too quick but I imagine this in most cases is a limitation of the source material. There was at least one instance where I noticed dialogue had been stripped from a character and the resulting line he delivered didn't make much sense but it wasn't too out of place. Some of the scenes felt a bit jumpy like the encoding didn't go off quite 100% perfectly but again it was very minor.

This is one of the best Star Wars edits I've seen and I'm very excited to see what Smudger9 comes up with next. Great work!

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