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(Updated: May 12, 2018)
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Tough call. I liked many things about this edit, except for the alternate introduction to Spider-Man.
I liked the trimming of redundant/repetitive/disappointing scenes, like Peggy's off-screen death or multiple 1991 flashbacks. I liked the mystery around Zemo's plan and seeing it unfold as the Avengers were figuring it out. I am even okay with the complete removal of the opening scene in Lagos, because I never liked how Scarlet Witch was that careless.
But Fanmixing the scenes from Homecoming was not done well continuity-wise, in my opinion. It was a valiant attempt - but completely out of order. I liked setting Peter Parker's visit to the Avengers facility as if it coincided with Steve's leaving to Romania, but that scene is out of place. First, the visual editing of Steve getting an alert was weird. Second, Pepper's presence after the off-screen break-up (the teleprompter issue) was weird. Third, that scene takes place at the end of Homecoming and so breaks the MCU timeline even further (at least until Zarius releases an S-M:H fanedit, but given Bobson's wonderful edit, there isn't really a need for that).
Another issue - the Ferry scene from Homecoming is w-a-a-a-y too long, and again breaks the timeline. I think a trimming of the Queens scene from the theatrical cut would have been better.
And last - I didn't like the trimming of the end-credits.

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Owner's reply May 13, 2018

Thanks for your informed and objective critique...I always love it when I get this kind of feedback

You're not the first person to express these concerns (I was P.M'ed about some of the plot holes by another member who did not want to list a review), it seems the biggest bone of contention with the edit is the choice to include Homecoming footage...while I'm glad you called the attempt a valiant one, I do sort of see your point about it. One thing I will say is that I sort of intend for this film to be standalone, and not be a "go to" replacement edit for people with an MCU collection in mind. This was an attempt at doing something different

also for Pepper, I was trying to convey that Tony was conflicted about whether or not to propose to her, not that they had broken up.

Again, I appreciate what you enjoyed about this and also appreciate your issues with my creative choices, your opinion is valued

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