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(Updated: September 09, 2014)
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Video/Audio – 9/10

Looks and sounds great. The version I downloaded had the issue with that stray frame, but the editor has said this has been fixed and updated links have been sent to the admins.

Editing – 8/10

Very good editing as a whole. There were one or two issues I had (nothing too major). At the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, when Biff’s lackeys see Marty on stage you overdubbed one or two lines of dialog on top of Marty playing guitar from Part 1 that I felt was a little awkward. The voices could have been a bit quieter. Also, in a later scene intercutting between Marty and his parents in the stairwell and Marty2 and Biff outside, the audio cutting a bit obvious. The music from the stairwell scenes cut in and out. Like I said, nothing major. I heard them and said “Oh well.”

Positive notes about the editing:

The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance is a SUPERB segment. Even though I’ve seen those movies dozens of times, while watching your edit it all blended together nicely and I had to stop and think sometimes “Which movie was that shot from?”

Also the cuts during the clock tower finales and Doc’s fake-out death scene came off without a hitch.

Presentation – N/A

I downloaded the MKV file so I can’t comment on the DVDs.


Presentation: 10/10

The 2-disc DVD is great. You can either play the movie straight through or select which year you want to watch. Nicely done. And there’s a cool little easter egg as well.

The only disadvantage of the DVD is the picture quality is not as good as the MKV version.

Note: Disc 1 contains 1885 and 1955. Disc 2 contains 1985, Alternate 1985 and 2015.

Entertainment – 7/10

This was definitely a unique experience. I was easily hooked and once I got about 3 hours into it I couldn’t stop watching. Especially since having the Old West segment first you get all the slow stuff out of the way.

The coolest things (to me) about the sequence of events were call backs to things that hadn’t happened yet. Marty using a bullet proof vest in the Old West, calling back (forward) to Biff watching Fistful of Dollars in Alternate 1985. And Old Biff telling Young Biff (in 1955) that if an old man or some kid comes to find him and the dialog fading away, then Biff later revealing the gun was fantastic. Those are two small things, but this edit is full of references that pay off later.

I do have to bring up something. I wouldn’t call it a plot hole, because your intention with this edit was “Ever wonder how the adventures in Back To The Future would appear in the history books?” You weren’t trying to create a movie with a three-act structure, you were presenting it all in one timeline. So the tonal shifts throughout aren’t important IMO.

Let’s say there are a few paradoxical issues here. (And I don’t want to spend too much time on this because it may just be me who thinks of this.)

Technically, once the 1955 segment ends there should be no alternate 1985. Doc and Marty fixed it. It’s gone after that point. Also, once George knocked out Biff in 1955, then the first 1985 timeline (before going back in time) shouldn’t exist either. And, once Marty and Doc prevented Buford Tannen from killing Doc, then Marty would have never found the headstone in 1955. Not to mention, at the end of the 1985 segment Marty doesn’t crash into the Rolls Royce, so the entire 2015 segment doesn’t happen either. I’m sure I’m overthinking it, but there you go.

Thankfully all the above didn’t bring the movie down. It’s still great BTTF fun!

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