Christmas on Mars (Deluxe Edition)

Christmas on Mars (Deluxe Edition)

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Christmas on Mars (Deluxe Edition)
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Eat Your Own Spaceship
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Brief Synopsis:
This tightens up the overall pacing of the story – and it’s badly needed. Now it is a much more compelling experience.
To tighten up the overall pacing of the story. When I saw this in the theatre I was so bored in some places that I wanted to walk out. After it was over, what was less than 90 minutes had felt as though I just sat through a 2 and a half hour film. There were a bunch of pregnant pauses in dialogue and repeated bits that didn’t need repeating. Over all it now feels (IMO) like a more compelling experience..
Special Features
*Newly added for the Deluxe Edition is a documentary which I cobbled together entitled “From Concept To Screen”
Sources for this documentary are

-10 or so minute segment on CoM from “Fearless Freaks”
- Interview segments from CoM DVD
- Inside Wayne’s Yellow Notepad from CoM DVD
- Youtube “On The Set” video
Deluxe Edition also features an additional interview with Wayne
Cuts and Additions:
-many trims to overall dialogue to tighten the pacing
-rearranged (slightly) “3rd stage of psychotic episode” conversation
-cut 2 video doorbell messages
-cut any reference that the captain makes to not having his shirt on
-trimmed down the scene of the crewmen/captain/Syrtis explaining Ed 13′s disappearance (this scene was way too long for what it was)
-rearranged (slightly) scene of captain yelling at the alien
-added scene of psychiatrist electrocuting himself
-added/trimmed scene of Isaac Brock (singer of Modest Mouse)
-added music “Galactic Meloncholie” (from the Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt.1 DVD single) which claimed it would be part of CoM, but wasn’t.
-trimmed dialogue of the dead capacitor
-many, many trims were made to various dialogue to remove long silences and redundancies that just weren’t necessary or that made people smart enough to be sent to Mars seem half retarded
Cover art by ThrowgnCpr (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: August 28, 2012)

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(Updated: August 28, 2012)

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(Updated: August 28, 2012)

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(Updated: August 28, 2012)

I have to tell you this time last year, I had picked this as a christmas gift, got it on christmas day and watched it on a nice flat screen tv, believing in myself that I was watching something good, I was obviously still quite naive last year, forgive me.

Right from the weird non linear message we’ve got to forcibly sit through at the start, the monotonous voice telling us things we can do dring the movie, y’know sing, smile, have sex, smoke pot, shoot ourselves? We’re just clearly warned here that it’s not gonna be a fun ride of a movie to sit through. I like the opening making a baby using a frying pan, while frying an egg imagery we see, its an example of the artistic, boring, weird, mess your going to be watching for the next 81 minutes that just makes you wanna hit that friendly skip button until you get to the good bits, unfortunately there aren’t any. That cynical annoying guy at the start with the blacked out tooth is right, when he say’s “we’re f**ked, we’re f**ked” Yes, no we are but not because we see the problems presented in the movie for human’s living in space, which maybe is clearly not a very good..idea. No, no the real problem is just anyone having to watch this movie.
God even the exciting, comic, fantastical music by flaming lips in the movie is annoying when your trying to watch and indulge in the moment, within the movie for a minute or two, you can’t because the sound won’t S-T-F-U yes excuse me. I watched the shorter version fanedit and believe me I really did want to get into this and enjoy the movie like I did the first time but I can’t and you probably..won’t.

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(Updated: August 28, 2012)

I actually recieved a copy of the original version of this movie a few years back as a “white elephant” gift during an office Christamas gift exchange [NOTE: Google what a "white elephant" gift is, if you are familiar].

I actually could stand watching the original every once in a while.

This edit has definitely made a cheesy, goofball movie into something more watchable.

I say DL it you are in the mood for some campy holiday fun (and are tired of Rudolph, Mickey and Frosty).

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