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Quite simply, this is a masterful edit. It's great to see a seasoned editor like Dwight Fry back in the game, particularly when he's tackling such an iconic horror film as Child's Play.

To be honest, I didn't know much around Don Mancini's original outline for the film - i.e. to make it less obvious that Charles Ray's evil spirit was somehow transferred into a Good Guy doll who would then start killing people off. However, now that I do, and having watched this scenario come to life thanks to the skillful slight of hand editing by DF, this would easily have been the more effective version of the film had they gone with this approach.

By keeping the viewer guessing as to whether Andy is imagining things and even posing the question that perhaps Andy could be the killer, this cut of Child's Play is far more unsettling and intriguing. Even though I obviously knew the back story and that serial killer Charles Ray is possessing the doll, it was still incredibly fun and rewarding to see how it could have played out had they taken Mancini's original approach. It would have been far scarier in my view.

The editing is all done with an expert touch, to the point where you would never know anything was missing. I rarely score edits a perfect 10, but for me, there's literally nothing to mark down here - be it visually or on the audio front, this is a masterclass of fanediting for me.

I've always enjoyed Child's Play... but now, with Dwight Fry's cut of the movie, it elevates the whole film experience to another level. A fantastic edit.
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