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(Updated: September 24, 2012)
September 29, 2009

Thanks for bringing us another consecution! The DVD presentation was outstanding.

Stuntman Mike was entertaining, but I didn’t understand why the part with the police needed to be in there. That Mike survived could in some way have been explained by him proclaiming his car to be “Death Proof”. Didn’t feel really like a story, but was entertaining, and had a great ending. 6 / 10.

Little Marathon Man confused me. Sure it had a chase, but story? Coherency? It’s a freaky trip, that didn’t land to well with me. The final chase scene is a great one no doubt, but doesn’t save it. (and the middle part with the chase? Funny, but huh?) 5 / 10

Fast Blood. TMBTM tells the story of Rambo really effectivly in this short time. The ending made me smile, and brought this up all the way to 8 / 10.

Phil vs Phil. I really like the idea, and it gives us some much needed humour. It’s clearly a chase, so it fits on the DVD. I experienced some video issues with this one, sadly (I see this happened to others than me too). For that reason I’m rating this one 5 / 10, could have been higher.

THX 1138 was my favourite entry! It’s gotten quite bad ratings so far, but I thought it was really good. It tells a full story. It’s entertaining and a little scary. The ending is awe-inspiring. And it’s a chase from early on to the final minute. Went with 8 / 10, was a little too freaky for my top ratings :)

Two Minutes sure had chases, but I didn’t feel like we got a full story. There was a´sort of an ending, but what about the nuclear bomb? In all, this one didn’t get me interested. 5 / 10

Don’t Mess with Leon has awesome scenes, but I don’t think that there was any chase in this one. I didn’t like how the story was moved forward, or what the different scenes had to do with each other. I’m disappointed in this one. 3 / 10

Interesting takes on the “chase”, making for a fun collection. I’m rating the full DVD a 7, and I think everyone here should watch it.
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