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(Updated: February 08, 2023)
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Even before seeing any extraneous footage I was giggling away to myself. Just the hilarity innate in superimposing a gore-fest theme over the on the whole purely innocent and jovial screenplay. I got me good. Its the magnification of the happy holiday gone wrong angle most teen slasher movies tend to go with. Kind of off-putting the terror for the benefit of watchability. That approach does offer some homour and I think here it maxes out. Charlie is genuinely over the moon about his golden ticket. Chocolate is heaven.

Great mood amplification with the melancholy in the soundtrack. Innane party jingles mixed with insane game backers and the classic orchestral musicality of the original. I dont know. It was on point for supercharger subversiveness. And the additonal one minute - plus well executed interweaves of subtley suggestive images - does indeed live up to the promise of horror. Room for improvement, maybe. Krausfadr does the trick here for sure.

I'll add too that I appreciate the generally clear picture with a well measured amount of the degraded veneer. Grindhousers really need to move away from the idea that unclear pictures are cool. Dodgy projectors and dirty reels are cool. But if Drive-ins want to keep people from driving out they better at least get the focus right and use fresh bulbs.

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