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Foreword: I haven't seen the original in sometime, which I prefer for watching edits and I also didn't review the changes (log) ahead of watching, which I also prefer. I looked at the edit list back when I downloaded the edit, but I like to not know what I'm walking into; I don't watch an edit for a few months or more after downloading it.

What I liked: The edit felt stream lined but still entertaining. I didn't feel like anything was missing with the storyline.

What I didn't: I would have had it ending with the elevator blasting off and then explain what was next for Charlie like in the book. Also, some of the subtitles (narration) you added felt redundant at times and others scenes would have benefited with some narration. An example: you explain what each child is like but I think it is very obvious what type of child they are by their intros. You can contact me if you want some more specifics.

Overall: I enjoyed this but didn't feel it would replace the original. I would recommend people check this out if looking for a different take on this movie, otherwise I'd stay with the classic version.

Extra: Some of the scenes cut in were a lot lower quality, which is not your fault and made them standout. The new footage might blend better with the main footage, if the main footage was slightly lower quality too? Just a thought.
Lastly, keep up the good work!

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