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I think it is an improvement on the original. I agree with the editor that the beginning could have been trimmed down and could have just started with the film itself. But overall the start of the film feels a lot faster in pace than the original. I'm glad the whole Willy Wonka and Dentist Dad has completely gone, as much as I love Christopher Lee.

I think the editor should do a second fan edit of this and make a more drastic edit.....a version completely void of the songs. I think it needs to be done as the songs are all simply awful. I was hoping they would be because I was very happy that the puppet theatre was gone - why didn't they make an alternative (and better) scene opener for Willy Wonka? God only knows....But alas I was too hopeful when it came to removing the songs. They are all still here, unfortunately.

One final note on fan editing, I think if another fan edit version were to be made then it should definitely cut down that annoying Mike Teavee to an absolute minimum. I think his demise in the TV room scenes should be shortened right down if possible. Please someone do it!

As for the editing and audio itself for this. I didn't have any problems. I think it was very clever how things were moved around especially during the songs. Nothing made me question or stand out on the screen in a bad way - so the fan editor has overall done a good job!

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