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Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning is strange movie. It has the plot of an exploitation B movie but shot and edited like an action movie (thank you Michael Bay...) and this comes across even more with this fanedit, it feels like a wannabe-filmmaker got a few millions dollars a made a film, this film...and it can be really trippi sometimes with the low res 4:3 image and the movie itself jumping all over the place (especially now when the faneditor cut out some of the backstory regarding the family, this is a good thing though)
It really feels like your watching a badly copied VHS tape past around by people during the VHS-era that use to watch autopsy videos, like really sick underground shit like that!

The fanedit starts with two trailer and the name of the faneditor, then it just jumps right into the action and it just heightens the exploitation feel imo, and the introduction of the title is perfect (and so is the title itself!)

Love the new ending!

The editor should have panned&scanned some. With the new 4:3 aspect ratio everything is centered so sometimes some things move outside of frame too much. Like after Leatherface quits his job and takes a chainsaw as final paycheck, when he walks home half of him is out of frame. Things like that would have benefited from the framing being changed.

The score (Pam in the "bone-room" with the chicken from tcm1) felt misplaced sometimes and the sound of the chicken was weird, but maybe that was the intention. Also the score was too loud so it was difficult to hear what people were saying sometimes. But again, maybe this was the intention.

I would have liked to seen more changes made, maybe include things from the remake..I don't know.
Maybe this is an impossible task regarding the source (I was thinking while watching that "I would have liked to seen that removed" or "that should have been cool if it played differently" etc. but I couldn't think of a way to change those things and make it again; maybe it's impossible) I do would have liked to have not seen the amputation scene though, not because it is too gory but because the movie becomes almost like a cartoon at that moment. Some "amputations" are necessary...

Verdict: If you are into vhs and love nastie movies this might just be for you...especially if you saw all those exploitation movies in the 80s on vhs past to guy a guy who had made a copy of a copy.

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