CBR List of 15 Fan Edits Better Than Original

Thanks to BionicBob for spotting this article over at Comic Book Resources. They list their top 15 fanedits that are better than the original. As BionicBob noted they don’t mention our site or the faneditors by name, however many of these edits originated here at fanedit.org. The article is not very detail oriented, but it’s always nice to see positive articles on a hobby near and dear to our hearts. Below is their list, and we’ve linked to those that have an IFDb entry.

15. Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: The Topher Grace Cut
14. Spider-Man 3: Redemption
13. The Matrix: Revolutions Decoded
12. The Avengers Initiative
11. Hellblazer
10. Star Wars Original Trilogy: The Despecialized Edtions
9. Batman Forever: Red Book Edition
8. Rogue One: Rise of the Rebellion
7. Wizardhood
6. The Hobbit: The Tolkien Edition
5. Terminator 3: The Coming Storm
4. Batman: Descent into Mystery
3. Evil Dead 4: Ash vs Evil Dead
2. The Serenity Chronicles
1. Bateman Begins: An American Psycho

Congratulations to all those listed!