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Its been awhile since I’ve watched my dvd of Casino Royale. The biggest problem I always had with it was all the poker commentary. If you know poker you already know that stuff so it sounds really silly and obvious. Cutting that stuff worked really well.

Cutting the chase/parkour stuff was also well done, while I did enjoy the scene in the movie i understand why you cut it from your edit.

I had to re-read your cutlist after i finished watching because there were a bunch of things that i hadn’t noticed.

The cuts were all unnoticeable to me anyway, audio and video quality were very good.

I always felt Bond movies, in general, drag on for too long, so i appreciated the shortened runtime.

The DVD was nice but rather plain and no submenu for chapters (im not a stickler for these things, some people are) but that is your choice and for me, didn’t take away from the actual edit.

Nice work!

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