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FanMix May 16, 2008 2758
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First of all, Thanks for the great edit!
Technically it was great, all the cuts were unnoticeable and the Audio and Video quality were good. 5/5

After watching the movie I was left with a feeling that something was missing from this edit.
I didn’t miss Sharon Stone and Lester, so cutting their parts to the bare minimum, wasn’t the problem.
It took me a while to figure out what was wrong and I think that the problem with this edit is that you cut so much out of the movie, that the two main characters are now too shallow: you don’t get to really know them any more.
Their characteristics don’t really develop during the film.
Another thing is that this is a drama movie, and drama movies are based on motional content.
I think that you left so much of the emotional content out that I couldn’t connect to the characters any more – I didn’t really give a damn about what will happen to them.

Thank you for the effort, filmfreak.
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