Carlito's Way: Escape To Paradise Cut

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Carlito's girlfriend Gail takes up a lot of screentime so I wanted to just keep the scenes that really needs to be there and cut the movie down for a better pace. To tell faster more streamlined story.
To make a faster and better paced version with less Gail. Carlito's girlfriend Gail is still apart of the story but the scenes with her are reduced to a minimal.
Other Sources:
Stock footage of New York
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
-New credits including some stock footage of New York
-Cut the Court house scene (the edit now starts at the dancefloor)
-Cut Carlito looking for Gail
-Cut Carlito in the rain looking at Gail's dance lesson
-Trimmed Carlito and Gail at the Cafe
-Trimmed Kleinfeld visit the prison scene
-Trimmed the party scene at Kleinfeld's place
-Cut all scenes with Lalin
-Cut the meeting with Carlito and Kleinfeld about Lalin
-Cut Carlito visit Gail at her work
-Cut Kleinfeld and Steffie dancing and going into the toilet to create more suspence when Benny wants to find her
-Cut Carlito and Gail at her apartment
-Cut the second scene at Gail's apartment
-Cut the Cockroach scene at the club

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