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Really enjoyed this series as a kid and as an adult I often come back to watch it, much preferred Captain Scarlet to the likes of say Stingray and Thunderbirds as this series always had that edge to it though like many I was disappointed that the series final episode was a clipshow as such seeing as how this edit is intended to serve as a finale I was naturally excited to see how this could be pulled of though as to my thoughts on this edit.

Audio/Video Quality: I noticed some overscan lines on the top and right sections of the edit and a small black bar occasionally appearing on the left side of the edit, if the black bar could be cropped out and the overscan lines trimmed so that they can no longer be seen than the video quality would be perfect.

Audio Editing: All sound was seamless I noticed no jarring audio glitches or cuts.

Visual Editing: The transition between scenes and episodes was absolutely seamless it was difficult to tell wheather this was edited at first.

Narrative & Enjoyment: Combining these episodes together was an ingenious idea and makes for a great movie however I do think the stuff with Colonel White such as him telling Captain Scarlet to get a haircut, his response to Captain Magenta’s death and him spinning around towards the end should have been cut out as the humorous nature and dialogue of those scenes undermine the seriousness of the situation that Spectrum is in.

I think Captain Magenta’s eagerness of counting towards the end should have also been cut as it adds a little to much humour to an otherwise serious and dire situation though I really loved the bit at the end with the Mysterons announcement and the poetic ending text, I wish the original show had ended something like this instead of having a clipshow as it’s final episode.

Conclusion: If you plan to do a Version 2 of this or a Director's Cut than with some visual refinement along with the cutting away of humorous moments than I would say that the revised version of this edit has the potential to be truly memorable and worth watching for any Captain Scarlet fan especially for those looking for a proper conclusion to the original series, though I did enjoy this version of your edit as you can probably tell.

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