Captain Scarlet: The Lunar Trilogy Re-Cut

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This edit combines all three of the Lunar themed episodes into one extended TV movie.
Starting out as a re-cut of Attack on Cloudbase, incorporating Dangerous Rendezvous as its starting point, this edit now includes all three of the Lunar Trilogy episodes for continuity: Lunarville 7, Crater 101, Dangerous Rendezvous, and ending with Attack on Cloudbase.

The trilogy flow into each other, and as per the 80s compilation film, the first two instalments' Mysteron threats don't impact on the plot, and are thus removed. The cross-fade from Lunarville 7 to Crater 101 is included in my edit, but I improve on the transition between Crater 101 and Dangerous Rendezvous with an earlier cut and a 'One month later' caption.

Initially I included the Dangerous Rendezvous Mysteron threat of destroying Cloudbase as per its original position, however this jars and stands out in my edit, as the threat appears out of nowhere. Added to this, I clearly couldn't use the original title sequence with the threat two thirds into the edit! The compliation's cut to a starfield, again would appear to be too noticeable an edit.

Instead, when White contacts the Mysterons, their reply is that they have not forgotten or forgiven the Earthmen and that they intend to destroy Cloudbase. This becomes the lead into Attack on Cloudbase. (The original lead-in on the compliation VHS is Seek and Destroy's ending, with Symphony - suddenly entering the story - returning to Cloudbase. Not only was this a weak lead-in, but the desert sequences are removed from my edit, thus Symphony is not stranded and the attack is no longer a dream.)

I have been fortunate to acquire the Fanderson CD soundtrack collection. Some - not all - of the original compilation music added atmosphere to the original episodes. I've added a few cues in a few places, largely the space music from Shadow of Fear. I've also included a few Star Trek: Original Series cues - literally only two.
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Editing Details:
- Two alternate title sequences are available on the DVD. A different opening narration, and Donald Gray warning not to imitate Captain Scarlet. I use the former.

- For the final sequence I bring "Attack on Cloudbase" into the edit. I re-structure the episode so that the attack is not Symphony's dream, as per the old compilation VHS (albeit using my own ending instead of the cheap effects and reversal of time we were given, and removing some cringe-worthy out-of-character moments!). This was the penultimate episode; a clip show ended the series. Now my new cut presents an alternate ending to this classic '60s series.

- As White is spinning I cross fade to the Mysteron base giving the impression they have been observing events.

- A short sequence of the Mysteron base and planet, and space shots end the edit, incorporating the threat from Shadow of Fear, before we move into a shot of the Earth.

- It was really difficult to know how to end the edit, and that Mysteron threat was the only suitable one.

- I include a small, self-written verse immediately after this, talking about how the fight goes on, before moving into new end credits.
Cuts and Additions:
- I have removed as many moments as possible that indicate suspicion that the Lunarville Commander and Fraser are Mysteron agents until they both admit they are. This is to add more mystery and not give the game away quite so soon.

- The sequences regarding Linda Nolan's attraction to Captain Scarlet have been cut, thus providing a slicker move into Dangerous Rendezvous.

- Once the Mysterons reply in Dangerous Rendezvous the rest of that episode is cut and we move into Attack on Cloudbase. A few sequences between White and Blue regarding preparations for an attack, are retained from Dangerous Rendezvous, and used here, but otherwise the story moves onto Attack on Cloudbase. As such, the original plot of the crystal being a ticking bomb is cut, but since there is no suggestion or inference of this earlier on, it is redundant.

- All of Symphony's scenes in Attack on Cloudbase have been cut. She is no longer stuck out in the desert.

- The majority of out-of-character moments - where possible - including Captain Magenta's overly keen dialogue, and Lieutenant Green's bitter sarcasm at Scarlet being indestructible.

- I have kept White's 'haircut' line to Scarlet, but removed Scarlet's OTT response with Blue.

- Destiny's exaggerated exasperation at being ordered out of the Angel, has been trimmed down.

- Only the back of Black is seen now in the sickbay, concealing who he is. The close up and reaction of Blue have thus been cut.

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