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Finally getting around to reviewing this. I caught an early version a while back and this has been immensely improved with the audio quality. I really disliked this movie the first time I watched it and I left it out whenever I wanted to watch Marvel movies again. Tremault did an amazing job of making this movie enjoyable! I was actually invested in the movie instead of wanting to go on my phone.

I always praise edits of Marvel movies that trim down the over the top humor and it's done perfectly here. The serious moments have their time, and the better humor gets to breath and land.

Pacing of the movie for the most part is great. Everything up until we get to Earth flows so nicely. I think the Earth scenes could have been trimmed some as it still slows when we are there, but I'm not sure what could be trimmed. The end fight feels a lot better when you actually like Carol. The movie starts and ends strongly.

Overall tremendous work, I'm looking forward to watching your Shang Chi and Thor edits!
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