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(Updated: April 15, 2022)
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First, to establish a bit of background for my viewing of this edit:

I never saw the original. I collect all MCU, but I hadn't gotten around to this.
This edited version of the character is my first impression of Danvers.
Consequently I can only evaluate the edit on its own merits.

The plot of this thing was on the weaker side, but overall serviceable.
The pacing was somewhat plodding and could use some refocusing.
I'm unsure if the editor tweaked the internal structure, but this was mostly fine.
It wasn't difficult to watch, nor did it prevent me from appreciating the changes.

I understand the editor wanted to portray Danvers as likable and warm.
In this goal the editor succeeded. Danvers was easy to root for and a badass.
There is an emotional underpinning to her powers that I kinda dig.
Her connection to the people around her is evident and clear with this cut.

Visual quality is good. Added-in footage is noticeable but not absurdly so.
The editing was seamless with exception to some music that needs leveling.
I understand the film was color graded to reflect Danvers' emotional state.
It helps to illustrate the kind of narrative that the editor was going for.

Overall this was a nicely-done film when considering the goals it set out to do.
I would say it's a worthwhile addition to the MCU timeline.
Would I watch it again? If cuts were made to help the plot get to the point.
But I definitely recommend this version of the film just on its own merits.

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