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The Supreme Cut takes Captain Marvel's origin story and improves upon it by giving Carol Danvers a more defined character arc, from struggling Kree warrior to one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes - an Avenger
My biggest issue with Captain Marvel is how she starts the movie as a bad ass, literally knocking her mentor on his ass in the first scene we meet him, and only ends up becoming more bad ass in the end. We're told in dialog that Carol can't control her powers, but we never actually see her out of control? Yon Rogg is supposed to be a mentor but is blatantly sinister pretty early on, leaving no doubt behind that he's not so secretly the villain. Thankfully, a handful of cuts and some added deleted scenes really help to give both Carol and Yon Rogg more interesting characters from the very beginning.
Additional Notes:
Unlike other Captain Marvel edits, I have kept the origins of Fury losing his eye to Goose in tact. I know people hate it, but I don't want to change continuity. The Supreme Cut still maintains perfect continuity with the greater MCU.
Other Sources:
Interstellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
Special Thanks:
DigModiFicaTion for their patience and guidance in improving the technical elements, and ArtisDead for their beautiful original artwork and continued moral support!
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Cuts and Additions:
List of Changes:
- added Fan Edit warning before opening
- completely new opening sequence. Flash backs of adult Carol's life in the military set to the song "Kiss Me Deadly", which plays over the Marvel Studios logo, before transitioning into a shortened dream sequence from the theatrical opening.
- removed Carol asking Yon Rogg to train. I never liked that she initiated their training (and proceeds to knock him on his ass in the first scene he's in). I attempted to make Yon Rogg feel more like a mentor and less obviously like a villain.
- added deleted scene of Yon Rogg explaining the Kree/Skrull war to Kree children.
- trimmed the sparring scene (Carol does NOT use a photon blast).
- trimmed first scene with The Supreme Intelligence, removed expository dialog about the Skrull threat.
- readded the shot of the Skrull in Carol's fake memory, initially cut from the first version of this edit.
- added deleted scene - "Heading to Torfa"
- trimmed Skrull memory search flashback scene, since the flashbacks with Monica are moved to the earlier dream sequence.
- do to cutting the photon blast in the opening sparring match, the first time we see Carol use one is when she is breaking free from Skrull capture. Now when she accidently blasts a hole in the wall and almost gets vacuumed into space, we get the sense that she does actually have difficulty controlling her power.
- cut Talos' line "This one's taken." After the Skrulls land on Earth
- trimmed Yon Rogg lines telling Vers to stay put, making him seem more genuinely concerned.
- added Agents of SHIELD theme motif over the introduction of Agent Phil Coulson
- added deleted scene - Carol steals a motorcycle
- trimmed more Yon Rogg lines
- added deleted scene - Talos in disguise in the SHIELD aircraft hanger
- added soundtrack from Interstellar - "S.T.A.Y." by Hans Zimmer, when Carol discovers the truth about her origins and the Kree
- added deleted scene - Yon Rogg communes with the Supreme Intelligence
- extended soundtrack - "Come As You Are" by Nirvana, it now plays slightly longer through the scene
- trimmed the flashback montage of Carol rising, cutting the youngest version of her.
- soundtrack change - replaced "I'm Just A Girl" with "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett. It just fits better. Don't like Captain Marvel? Too bad.
- minor trims during space fight against the Kree
- removed soundtrack from Yon Rogg's final confrontation, in turn removing the comedic hard cut in the music.
- replaced the soundtrack with another track from Interstellar - "Mountains" by Hans Zimmer
- added "Cornfield Chase" from Interstellar to the final scene between Carol and Monica, echoing STAY from earlier and giving them a motif.
- removed mid-credits scene tying into Infinity War. (I imagined this Supreme Cut as being part of Phase One)

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