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I only watched the avi. with a laptop so I can't say much on its video quality, but what I saw was great. I give it a 9! The post-credit sequence was very low quality however.

The visual editing was great. If I showed this to someone without telling them it was a fanedit, they probably wouldn't have realized it.

The audio editing was also very good, but there were a few times I noticed a cue or music off. I'm not sure which parts of that were in the theatrical release though. I should have kept track of the times I noticed. But I was too busy enjoying the movie so take it as a compliment.

Where this edit really shines is the narrative. You did more than polish a turd. You found a decent movie within the theatrical mess. Focusing the beginning on Will was great. We don't get overwhelmed (too quickly at least). It's not important knowing how Jack gets the key drawing or what's gotten him on the island. It's better just accepting that Jack's been having adventures, just like we accept Norrington was in a hurricane. That said, the beginning is a little strange at first, but the audience's (my) questions were answered pretty quickly. Removing the reference to Norrington was confusing, since my wife and I confused him for Beckett, but that just shows how long it's been since we've watched CotBP. We were just used to being coddled by the theatrical.

Other trims that are perfect: removal of the blackspot since we get the idea that Jack has a debt, Jack-Elizabeth romance.

By the end I could definitely see effects of these changes though. Will definitely still comes off as upset with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth as heartbroken over Jack. It seems odd because the fanedit emphasizes how lousy of a person Jack is. I really disliked Jack by the end of this and was confused by how everyone mourned him. That said, it's superior the the original. In the theatrical cut I remember disliking everyone by the end. But by highlighting how lousy Jack is, you've also undermined the ending, not much that can be done about that though.

In addition the ending action sequence still tired me. That sequence is just too long, and despite all the action, it's not very exciting. I found my attention slipping.

Finally, the ending cut "The heart of Davy Jones" seemed too abrupt. Even a few fractions of a second more of Norrington after the line would've helped, but maybe it was impossible to get in.

This is my preferred version of the film, and if anyone I know really wants to watch PotC, I'll be sure to recommend it.

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