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It's been a while since I've watched the original version of this one, but I do recall it being somewhat long and overwrought for what should be a fast-paced adventure spree. I had to come back and look at the changes list to remind me of what TM2YC had cut out.

As other reviewers have noted: I didn't notice the removed parts. I had completely forgotten the black spot and love triangle subplots, and the movie is the better without them. Between those deletions and the rearranging, the movie moved at a quick pace, had a straightforward plot, and was the fun romp it wanted to be. There's a couple of very minor details that crop up due to the edit--the one I specifically noted while watching was "how and when did Jack lose his hat?" but I'll take those with the huge improvement in pacing and story.

The video and audio edits are flawless, there's no point that I could say where the edit was made. I'm a little disappointed audio was just stereo, but it still sounded good.

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