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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Defrosted Edition
Extended Edition
December 11, 2017    
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I'll start with a couple comments on the editing skill of Bobson Dugnutt: in a word, perfect. Honestly, without my familiarity with the source material, I wouldn't be able to tell you what is from the theatrical release and what was added. Video is solid, audio is clear, and edits are precise. Tens all around.

If you've read my other reviews, you may have learned that I'm a sucker for extended editions. For films that I like, I often want more, more, more -- and extended editions give me just that. However, it's an open question whether the additions add to the experience. Some scenes are cut for time; some are cut because they just didn't work or they took the narrative in a different direction than what was intended by the filmmaker. There are three main scenes that are added in this EE, and in my opinion each enhances the narrative. The first is the rogue SHIELD finding Cap's discarded uniform. Not only does this close a plot hole as to why they weren't tracking Cap in the first place, it's a nice little action set piece. The second is Hill and Sitwell talking about loyalty. While the scene itself is a bit clumsy, it makes Hill's rescue of Our Heroes later make more sense: she now knows where to place her loyalty. The finished SFX in this scene are nicely executed as well. The third scene is a little character moment with Fury and Black Widow. This doesn't add much to the narrative, but is a nice little breather before the big final battle gets started. All three of these scenes are welcome additions to the film.

This version of the film is now my go-to version when doing rewatches. Highly recommended for fans of the film, of Captain America, and of the MCU.

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