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FanMix April 21, 2012 4896

So I was pleasantly surprised by this edit. I watched the theatrical cut the night before in preparation for watching the edit. I haven’t read the detailed cutlist nor have I read any of the other reviews. But I did go into the viewing experience knowing that you had wanted to cut out a lot of the corny dialogue and some unnecessary comedic lines.

Good choice to rearrange where/when Schmidt is introduced in your cut. I think it works a lot better from a pacing stand point that way. You’ve established Rogers and now he’s undergone this change. Now we need a villain!

The way you started the movie was cool and a great way to get right into the introduction of the Steve Rogers character. You did some excellent editing in the scene where Dr. Erskine has the drink with Rogers in the barracks and discusses Schmidt and the Nazis.

I was impressed with pretty much all the line/scene removal work you did here. When cutting out a corny line here and there etc. in an edit it can be easy to get lazy, but its clear to me you took the time to make everything seamless. So job well done! Although I gotta say I was sad to see the fondue line cut from the scene where they’re in the plane with Stark !

I watched the DVD version.

Video editing: was pretty much flawless, no flash frames etc.
Audio editing: as mentioned above, excellent audio editing!

Simple Nice Looking Menus.

I somewhat enjoyed the theatrical cut, but it felt bloated and i didn’t like how quickly the villain was introduced into the story. Luckily this edit remedies both of those problems.

I rate this a 9/10. Excellent job AEmovieguy! This is the first fanedit of yours that I’ve seen so I’ll definitely be checking out your other work.
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