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One of the most under-rated Marvel films gets a Bobson Cut, which mostly just feels like some extended bits of the same film I knew and loved. (My full review is here: Nothing added here really altered my feeling about the film significantly, though I was happy to have the added bits. I listened to it with my headphones on and didn't notice any audio issues that way, so maybe the comments from other reviewers have to do with the 5.1 mix? For me, the only issues occurred at the very end (slight SPOILERS here): when Steve is talking to Nick in Times Square, the prominent vid screen most people call the "Coca Cola board" is blurred out for the whole scene. I'm not sure where this footage came from or why it's like that, but as it's in the center of the screen for many shots, I found it REALLY distracting. The second bit is the final post-credits scene, which Bobson has attached in an aspect ratio that leaves a black border around all edges. Personally, I found this really distracting as well, and would have preferred a slight zoom to get rid of the left and right borders. Oh, also, as I've seen in several other Bobson releases, there are no subtitles whatsoever. This is mostly not an issue, although there are a couple lines at the beginning here that should have been hard-coded as we have no hint at what the conversation is about.

All told, I still prefer having the extended/added scenes despite those issues, so this is a shelf-replacer for me, even though it's not perfect.

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