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This was one of two edits I watched in preparation of Wakanda Forever, & it was nice revisiting this version of the film. I really appreciate the shift in focus from making this about Zemo to more on the question of oversight vs. individualism, & the WHH clips really helped with that.

That said, the clips feel a tad dry in comparison to the rest of the film. The second time they showed up, cutting into & out of the music was distracting with how interrupted what was already in the film. I'd either add music over the clip or completely replace the second half of the news report Wanda was watching with the WHH clip.

And while I do appreciate the shift in focus, Zemo's introduction feels jarring as a result. I would've liked if the clip used to introduce him was placed at the end of the first WHH clip, imply Zemo was listening to it as he plots out his plan. Maybe add in the Winter Soldier theme as well, to hammer home that the red book is tied into Bucky somehow.

As far as really subjective nitpicks go, I would've preferred some of the jokes toned down in the airport scene, as well as not make the ending of the film so squeaky clean. Instead of the triumphant Avengers theme, you could use Civil War by Guns n' Roses to show that the Avengers are truly torn apart (admittedly, though, I'm just annoyed that song was nowhere in the movie, lol). I also missed Zemo saying "Did it?" to help sell the idea that this was a huge loss for the Avengers.

Also, on a technical/subtitle note, when Tony & Peter first meet, there's no period when Tony says "Mr. Parker." Nothing deal-breaking, but it was annoying.

All in all, a fantastic light edit that supplants the original for me.

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