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FanFix January 21, 2017 10227
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Definitely my go-to version to the first entry of Captain America trilogy. PE plays magic with the original source to deliver the best possible edit. The pace is consistent. This is not an Avenger's movie where you would expect a big end climax and more thrilling feelings. However, PE gives to the movie the right resonance in all dramatic aspects. I care about the characters (Captain and Agent Carter), I believe that relationship and empathize with them. Red Skull is better presented and trimming of some lines helps him to create a more authentic character. I particularly love the end of this edit, the way tension is managed.

My enjoyment cannot score higher due to the source material... No fan editor can fix that. Finally, and my only criticism is the Audio/Video quality. It's still 2chanells (now fanedits tend to come in 6) and the image seems 720p with low bitrate. Anyway, file size/quality ratio is superb 3,48Gb. An updated version in these regards would be awesome to make a perfect edit.

Congrats PE!! Such a good job =)

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