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Second documentary from Jamie Benning’s Star Wars trilogy is another outstanding labor of love.
The menu design is better than Jedi, though not as breathtaking as New Hope.
Biggest plus for this edition is the extras. Building Empire boasts more bonuses, more “bang” if you like, than both Returning Jedi and SW Begins combined!

Video - As with the other two Star Wars installments, one must be forgiving in video quality disparities. While the quality varies, the editing does not. Well thought out presentation.

Audio - 2.0 channel stereo throughout. No dialogue subs, only info subtitles. Dialogue is clear throughout.

Narrative - Does not really apply here. The editor assumes the viewer is familiar with this movie, with the trilogy. Documentary follows onscreen action more or less chronologically. There are times speakers wander off point, but Benning lets them complete their thought.

Enjoyment - First off, a tremendous amount of bonus features. Highlights include the entire radio series, as well as the vinyl “Story Of.” This is extremely generous, and will afford listeners an extra 7-8 hours of pleasure.

There are a couple nice sequences of Hoth’s wampas that were cut. C3PO’s prank to the stormtroops remains a gem.

This is essential.

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