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I finally got around to watching this over the weekend, I'm glad I did.

Usually when someone attempts these type of edits they end up with a 4 hour film instead but given that this was only a 12 episode season you had considerably less narrative to work with.

Insurprisingly the pilot serves for quite almost a quarter of the story, establishing the characters and then working from there through the relevant parts of the other 12 episodes. I think it worked out well.

As noted above, there were a few instances it was obvious where the picture quality was slightly blurry, you had zoomed in to hide opening credits, this sisn't really detract from my overall enjoyment. I also picked up on the quick fade out as the Master and his team started laughing but again, it didn't bother me. This is just a fun 2 hour ride for anyone willing to retrad the first season but not getting bogged down by monsters of the week (and season 1's were some of the worst) so thanks for this edit and I look forward to your future projects.

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