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I had the pleasure of watching the evolution of the fan edit over several months, and watching NewSpock grow as a storyteller and Fan Editor. The following is my review:

This is a MKV-Only Release, so I watched it on my computer and the video is good, especially when one considers how poor season one of the original source material is.... There was one or two video glitches and the picture quality takes a dip where you have zoomed in and cropped to remove title cards, but it is acceptable as it all serves the story. The audio is terms of sound seemed fine for a MKV release.

VISUAL EDITING 8 out of 10
Did not notice any flash frames but some of the cuts could have used slight more padding and some of created commercial breaks could have been smoother and more polished.

AUDIO EDITING 7 out of 10
There is fading in or out of audio during mid-dialogue during some transition scenes and a scene where you can hear the Master just starting to laugh on a transition into a new scene. Audio fan editing is the hardest to master (I am still learning) but I think you have made remarkable improvement.

NARRATIVE 8 out of 10
Editing episodic television into a cohesive 2 hour story is the hardest type of fan edit to create and you have done a very good job. The story has a clear beginning, middle and end. The two Flashback solutions are clever, though still a bit choppy but they accomplish their tasks. The Dream Subplot is a refreshing twist, though not always clear. But all the characters are well developed and the plot is solid and swift.

ENJOYMENT 8 out of 10
This is a fun movie and should appeal to Buffy fans. Thanks for the entertainment. Thumbs Up!

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