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TV-to-Movie March 08, 2014 4758
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Always been a huge Buffy fan, but it's really hard to recommend to people given the monster-of-the-week storytelling style that dominates the first two seasons. This edit beautifully cuts out all of the fluff while keeping the main story elements tight and keeping all of the poignant "life of a slayer" moments that really set Buffy apart.

Very impressed by your ability to compress Season 1 into what feels like a feature film. Easily feels as naturally like a movie as the 1992 film. Season 2's movies are also incredibly well done. Each starts and ends on what feel like very natural points, and the editing is tight within them.

I'd like to thank you for using the 4:3 video. Netflix shows the series in 16:9 which was never supposed to be broadcast and often contains amateur-seeming moves like booms in the shot. You made a wise choice by sticking to showing the video in it's originally intended viewing format.

I'm sticking by my 10s across the board. This was a labor of love and it shows. Looking forward to Season 3!!

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Owner's reply November 18, 2014

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it, seajay1221.

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