Buffy Reimagined 4

Buffy Reimagined 4
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The Buffy saga continues, now it's time for season 4 of one of my most favourite TV shows ever to be turned into movies. For this seaosn they are four movies, every one with a story arc that makes sense as a movie and that interweaves into a greater whole. I also used the opportunity to improve the story and characters.
I love the Buffy show, in fact it's one of my top three favorite shows of all time, and that is because hidden underneath the surface of an enjoyable mixture of action, horror and comedy, there is an interesting drama with relateable characters that grow and develop. This hidden diamond was cluttered by unnecessary story elements and some bad decisions, that were due to the nature and necessities of producing a tv-show, but through restructuring of the story into movies it was possible to bring it forth and make it shine.
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I reformed the interesting stories of season 4 into four movies, removing it from the bad elements, changing certain storyaspects for the better and restructuring the story arc so that it works within movies.
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Too many to list, and I don't like to spoiler things:).
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