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Yes, I am copping out by using my review for the first "Buffy Re-imagined" but it is soooo true. This series of movies is just spectacular. As I stated below for the first set, it has held all of my families attention. On more than one occasion they started one of these movies and I stated I had something I wanted to do and was going to leave. I NEVER EVER LEFT THE ROOM. The plot hooks in these movies are great and I really hope beyond hope that more of the seasons become movies. After doing some homework I realized that Angel leaves at the end of season 3 and with out him there would definitely be a void in the story line. Thanks so much NewSpock for what you have created. For more acclaim for this and preceding set of movies for season 1 continue below...

Phenomenal edit of a very good series. My family and myself have just finished these movies and I must say that the editor has done an incredible job of creating a story which is compelling to both parents (43 & 45) and children. My kids are 13, 11, and 9 and the fact that are enjoying a 20 year SD series is in itself a testimony on how good these are. We will be starting the Season 3 series very soon and I can't wait to see what happens. By the way, I never watched the original series so these movies are my first exposure to the series. Considering how good these movies are I will probably never watch the actual episodes for fear that they will pale in comparison to this retelling. Thanks for making these movies.

[Correction to the above review. Now that we have finished all the movies in both sets of "Buffy Re-Imagined" I am being forced by my family to get all the episodes of Buffy for seasons 4-7 and all 5 seasons of Angel.]

PSS. Thanks again NewSpock.

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Owner's reply October 30, 2015

Thanks for watching and reviewing, I'm glad you and your family enjoyed the movies for season 3! Of course I'm also working on movies for season 4, two of the planned four movies for it are finished.

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