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Movie-to-TV August 07, 2021 2170
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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video were intentionally degraded for the immersion, but not to the point of things being hard to make out, just enough to convey the style. The audio and video quality is perfect for what it is trying to achieve without going too far.

Visual Editing: Nothing felt out of place, no weird cuts, the cropping looked nice, everything was well done. The look of the movie was consistent with that of the commercials, and the whole presentation was nicely immersive.

Audio Editing: Everything was again nicely edited together, I'm especially fond of the inclusion of a brief line of dialogue from a deleted scene. The commercials were noticeably louder than the rest of the feature, which was intentional as part of the immersion. I wasn't quite fond of this, but there's no sense in taking points away for it, especially now that Bob is talking about releasing a version without this.

Narrative: For the majority of this edit, it just follows the movie without any real big changes to the narrative. The beginning "Last time..." part was very well done and did a great job at conveying everything that occurred before our story picks up. The cliffhanger ending was also handled well. I didn't realize that it was going to end where it did, though I made the mistake of checking how much time was left so I knew there would be some sort of cliffhanger.

Enjoyment: The presentation of it all was fantastic and really enjoyable, some of the commercials were very amusing. Beneath the presentation, as mentioned before there aren't really any big changes to the narrative, so I was a tad bored at parts because I happened to watch the movie again not long before this. It's not the edit's fault, it's not trying to be different in that department, it's just trying to present the film in a new context, and the presentation itself was fantastic, so no reason to take points off.

This edit was really interesting, though I don't necessarily think I'd watch it again anytime soon unless I were to make my own vintage TV edit of something and wanted a refresher on how to do it right. I seriously appreciate all of the effort put into this edit by Bionic Bob.
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who doesn't already like the film, it's not a fanfix obviously, but fellow fans of this film will surely love this interdimensional experiment.
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