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This extended blend of the pilot and the spin-off movie showcases the spirit of the series. This is a pretty grim, dark future with a devastated earth short of food and endless threats, but its not grim-dark story: instead, we get an upbeat and hopeful narrative with resilient characters, not much angst, plus a lot of 1970s grooviness plus a bit of 1970s sleaziness -- not least from the droid Twiki.

I liked the series as a kid, and still do. Its great fun and this edit is a great way to get back into it. s with anything from this editor, the job is professional every second.I am not enough of a Buck Rogers aficionado to have particularly strong views about the 1979-1981 Glen Larson series, and how it both recast and respected earlier iterations of the character. I honestly don't have strong views on how the series could or should be "fixed." Its fun, and imaginative, and has some very memorable parts. As a fan of old pulp characters including Buck Rogers (and Flash Gordon, who is, erm, let's call him a "tribute" to Buck), I like shows like this one, which show some respect to the originals but also try new things. Sure, I could do without Twiki, but I can also enjoy him. And if Twiki is the price of this series and this fanedit, I am willing to pay it in full.

So, thanks editor, for getting me to dust off my series DVDs and re-appreciate the series.

this fanedit emerges from,

and a lot of 1970s influences,

its hardly a grim-dark series.

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