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It's part of every sci-fi or fantasy fanatic's early upbringing to be educated on not just the fiction giants like Buck Rogers, but on the Glen A. Larson library. I've seen just about all of them, and the first series of Buck Rogers was a highlight of repeat afternoons on BBC TWO in the UK during the late 90s. I wound up recording the theatrical version of the pilot around 1998, so I was quite versed in it. My memory of the TV version is a little more distant, but luckilly this edit retains the footage that might have slipped my mind.

There's also the inspired choice of using footage from season two episodes that gives us little extra 20th Century Buck before the accident overtakes him, as well as repurposing a dream sequence to tie in better with the themes of longing for home and losing someone before, and beyond, their time. I really dug this thematic choice for the narrative, and it's placement in the story timeline is well thought out.

About the only niggle I can find are the double credits, this occurs for a couple of names due to using footage from the TV version and comes directly after the credits used in the titles of the theatrical version...but I imagine things like this cannot be helped as a lot of the set-up for the rest of the episode that plays over those credits can't be cut, 'least it lead to a most confusing cut.

That issue aside, this is an action packed nostalgic flavour of 70s punch, and if, like me, you grew up on this, you'll be watching and wishing we could have a few centuries of life left to reach this one.
Owner's reply March 22, 2020

Fixed: The opening credits no longer repeat (using the blu-ray's bonus-feature of text-less opening segments). Thanks for pointing this out!

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