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FanMix February 16, 2010 2630
First of all: I am german, so please cut me some slack regarding my spelling and phrasing.

I love this site and i am always more than impressed how much love and many hours of work you all put in these great fanedits. Thumps up !!!

I have to thanks Wraith a big deal because did he not only send me copies of his fanedits, he even refused to let me pay for the postage to germany. So once again: MANY thx.

I watched the Fanedit first and i have to say i was really impressed.
I love the original Brüno, but the Edit takes the movie a step higher.
The editing and pacing is top notch. I love the new scenes. Yes, there were a few scenes i missed, too but all in all this version is much better than the original.

But my favorite is the Über extra extended cut which runs 2 hours now. All the scenes fit perfectly and do not repeat in any way. Here the editing and sound correction is perfect. There were a few scenes where the picture quality changed a very little bit but that was because of the source material.

If you love the movie you should watch both cuts, but the extended cut offers all material which is available perfectly cut in a two hours of Brüno overkill….
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