Brüno – Katvalk Edischoen

Brüno – Katvalk Edischoen
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Wraith has created 3 version of BRÃœNO – this is the real deal: Taking the fullest version he went in and took out anything unfunny, repetitious or not good. This reduces the monster UBER edit and reworks scenes etc to create a tru fanedit….some extra material is in, some actual Theatrical material is out… Result …hopefully wall to wall laughs or embarrassment.
I wanted to go in an re-work this movie at a level that differred from the ordinary extended version.

BRUNO is a great film, but when I saw the massive amount of deleted materials on the DVD
and how good much of it ws, and in fact a lot was better than many scenes in the theatrical version, i thought
it would make for an interesting exercise to remove all the unfunny bits (in my opinion) and go for maximum humour.

This release contains the DVD EXTRA of ALL footage not used including removed materials and unused deleted materials.


EKSTENDISCHE (those who like the movie as is and just want a little extra of what was already there)
Clean Extended – Includes all scene extensions ONLY
PLUS a reformatted end title sequence to include some additional funny moments and sections of the interview with
the Agent.

UBER EKSTRA GROSSE (all the extra materials…..ALL)
FULL EXTENDED – Contains all additional materials and deleted scenes (the Monster Edit)
Some minor reworking of dialogue in places to make this flow and reproduction of a few captions by using existing clips
cropped to the relvant caption and overlaying that back in where there were captions missing.
PLUS a reformatted end title sequence to include some additional funny moments and sections of the interview with
the Agent.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
So I have crafted 3 edits (that evolved as I crafted the TRUE FANEDIT – katvalk edischoen).

FULL FanEdit Version

Taking the fullest version I created I have then gone in and taken out anything I thought was unfunny,
repititious or not good.
CLEARLY this is an issue of tase, but 2hr 3min is very long for this type of film (the UBER version) so I needed to trim.

So This reduces the monster UBER edit and reworks scenes etc to create a tru fanedit….some extra material is in, some actual Theatrical meterial is out…
Result …hopefully wall to wall laughs or emabressment.

As with my previous edit of AVPo all delettions are presented sepereately for reference.

Original Theatrical Run Time 1.08.08
Ekstendische Version Run Time 1.29.34
15 sec deleted 22 min added

Uber Ekstra Grosse� Run Time 2.02.56
15 sec deleted, 55 min added

of which 20 min deleted from the original
36 min added
Cuts and Additions:

001 Chlamidia joke cut
002 Kunal Nayer split out accross the opening more
003 Kunal Nayer “black” intro deleted
004 Shot from catwalk removed to permit segue into� later sequence
005 Deleted seat stealing inserted (but trimmed)
006 Note to model from deleted scene not used
007 Deleted Linda Ludemilk sequence inserted but split out over intro
008 One Linda ludemilk questiion from deleted scene not used
009 Pink knitted cat suit sequence trimmed
010 Nutritionist comment removed (funnier to cat to vomitting)
011 Last 2 visual jokes from “boyfriend” sequence cut….they lessen the impact of the nut joke.
012 Richard and Ron Harris Deleted scene in, but “identical all over joke” obvious, flat and pointless (Oreo is better).
013 Ryal Tolemiei Removed frominserted deleted scenes. BORING
014 Heather Hann� extra in but teacher ref removed (falls flat)
015 Remainder of Ryan Tolomeii and Kunal Nayer from the deleted scene used is removed (flat flat flat)
016 Darfur nonsense from deleted scenes not used…does not quite get there either on humour or embaresment
017 Linking catwalk sequence removed and fade back into Theatrical edit at the jet liner.
018 Milan aftermath trimmed at the police point
019 Boyfriend breakup at airport removed.
020 cut to drive in car
021 Realtor deleted scenes inserted but trimmed and reordered
022 Interior Designer deletd scene inserted but trimmed and reordered.
023 The scene from BRUNO in US TV removed,
024 Anal bleaching scene removed.
025 Segue to deleted� extension of the hollywood agent
026 Only select segemnts from the deleted agent scene used replacing most of the theatrical version which is too drawn out.
027 Cut to deletd mexicans in pool area/furtniture deletd sequence
028 Segue into Paula Abdul interview
029 Cut to deleted LaToya Jackson Interview.
030 Cut to Deleted Pete Rose Interview which is shortened
031 Cut to deleted but shortened and reordered TV station sequence
032 Cut to deleted white supremecist interview which has two trims in it
033 Cut to deleted footbal player nterview which are trimmed
034 The deleted sequence at the funeral parlour is used but trimmed.
035 tHE mIDDLE EAST SEQUENCE IS TRIMMED and reordering of some lines.
036 The return to LA and Airport baby sequence removed…it kills the talkshow suprise and adds a clearly stage gag with the baby on the belt. NO REQUIRED GUYZ…it was good for the trailer ONLY.
037 Talk show trimmed and social worker removed.
038 Motorbike sequence moved to here to give quick getaway impression.
039 cut to trimmed hotel with babay and add voice over from relocated photoshoot auditions which follow here instead of….
040 the Carbicide sequence which is pointless and removed….IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN THE THEATRICAL CUT.
041 The baby auditions is a mix of the deleted scenes and the theatrical version with trims to both and some re-ordering.
042 The fades out with a montage of the picture of baby on crucifix� with music.
043 The reference to the death camps is removed. It just does not wirk even on the level intended (and I’m broad minded)
044 The auditions segue to extended hotel room scene which trims the theatrical version but adds the deleted scene extension which was in the trailer but NOT in the final film (go fugure)
045 Segures back to the theatrical version from the bus up to the police but the breakup with Lutz is removed
046 Cut to cockaholics anonymous, but flute removed.
047 Whole self defence sequence removed
048 Cockaholics cuts to ARMY� rfom second half of the unified sequence.
049 Small section from the first half about hobbies is relocated to the 3rd section of the Cockaholics to permit segue to gun show deleted sequence (which feels like it was the original intention).
050 The HUNTING sequence camping sequence has one deletion from the theatrical towards the end, to increase the shock of BRUNO’s night escapade.
051 The silence at the end of the “stars ” comment is removed…It kills the pain of the sequence.
052 The first tent approach is removed
053 This goes into an extened gay converter sequence
054 This goes into the antigay marriage rally which is a deleted scene and works nice with the later gay marriage.
055 Gay converter continues and cuts to the extended swingers party sequence with a few minor trims.
056 At the swingers party from the dominatrix the film runs as per my other 2 versions as follows.
057 Extended Ministers wedding
058 Reformated end titles
059 Additional scenes from politicians from dleted material used in credits.
060 real� life interview with agent added over credits.

and many many more trims, tweaks, repositioning….etc
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)
image image

Cover art by bibescu (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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First of all: I am german, so please cut me some slack regarding my spelling and phrasing.

I love this site and i am always more than impressed how much love and many hours of work you all put in these great fanedits. Thumps up !!!

I have to thanks Wraith a big deal because did he not only send me copies of his fanedits, he even refused to let me pay for the postage to germany. So once again: MANY thx.

I watched the Fanedit first and i have to say i was really impressed.
I love the original Brüno, but the Edit takes the movie a step higher.
The editing and pacing is top notch. I love the new scenes. Yes, there were a few scenes i missed, too but all in all this version is much better than the original.

But my favorite is the Über extra extended cut which runs 2 hours now. All the scenes fit perfectly and do not repeat in any way. Here the editing and sound correction is perfect. There were a few scenes where the picture quality changed a very little bit but that was because of the source material.

If you love the movie you should watch both cuts, but the extended cut offers all material which is available perfectly cut in a two hours of Brüno overkill….
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