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The previous reviewers complain about the quality of the footage, so I won't make a big thing about it. The added footage is usually of poor quality. However, after the third or so "new" scene, I realized that I would be watching this as an academic piece rather than as a feature, because it's immediately obvious why most of the scenes were removed. Most of them are examples of the characters being much more caustic and unlikable. Sometimes they add an additional facet, but most of the time there are better examples elsewhere in the film. I agree with other reviewers that while it may make for a more "complete" version of the film, adding back in two or three seconds of grainy footage because a glance or gesture was removed makes the film more jumpy and harder to get into, but I don't mind the entire scenes of added footage. That was the point, after all.

And am I crazy or have I seen some of this footage before on TV?

Anyway, it very enjoyable. It won't replace the theatrical cut for me, but it does broaden my understanding of the process this movie in particular went through, so it's worth watching for sure.

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