Breakfast Club: The John Hughes Extended Edition, The

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This is probably the closest you'll ever get to see Hughes' original cut of the movie before the studio forced him to cut it down to 97 minutes, a normal length for the type of film it was, at the time it was produced. John Hughes said getting the film greenlit by Universal wasn't easy because the executives complained there were no bare breasts, no party scene, no guys drinking beer, or other things they thought a teenage picture needed at that time.
I wanted to restore what John Hughes had in mind when he filmed the movie. Although incomplete, it gives a fascinating insight into what could have been. Also, I didn't have anything better to do.
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to Dwight Fry who provided valuable feedback for this project.
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The biggest challenge with this was how to pace it so that it wouldn't be too jarring, especially considering the bad shape the deleted scenes are in. I tried to avoid cutting back and forth between the theatrical version and the deleted scenes as much as I could but every reinserted scene was a challenge. I'm glad for Dwight Fry's feedback with those difficult decisions.
Cuts and Additions:
There are only two scenes that are not included in this release. The first one is of the five students coming in for detention one after another, because it would mean having to either cut "Don't you forget about me" or make it so long that it would lose its emotional impact. Considering the scene doesn't add anything to the story, it was cut. It was probably never John Hughes' intention to include the entire scene, he probably filmed all the students to give him some freedom during editing.

The second scene is Claire telling everybody why she's in detention. John Hughes stated in a 1985 seminar with the American film institute that he chose to take it out so it was left out here as well.

You can check out these scenes on the Criterion extras.

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