Boondock Saints II

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Boondock Saints II
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My Boondock Saints II (no need for the "All Saints Day") differs from the source in the way that it strengthens the overall narrative by tightening up the dialogue, cinematography, and performances while removing the music from the directors band and replacing it with music both more fitting as well as more aesthetically pleasing.
Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day just didn't feel like any of the original creative team returned from the first one even though it had the same writer/director as well as much of the same cast. It was tonally off, filled with hammy dialogue and poor cinematography. Performers were directed to be incredibly over the top vs acting naturally. I made this edit in order to make this sequel feel like it belongs within the continuity of the original as well as to just plainly make it a more enjoyable experience.
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The Boondock Saints
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Cuts and Additions:
1. Opening scene with Rocco from the original movie is cut.
2. Custom opening created using scenes from the first movie for a short recap (scored with "Saints From the Street" from The Boondock Saints soundtrack).
3. Opening monologue by Noah cut. Footage muted and all sound fx recreated.
4. Montage of the brothers prepping to return to America rescored with "Prodigal Son" from My Bloody Valentine 3D soundtrack. Scenes also Trimmed.
5. Cartoonish performances with Duffy, Dolly, and Greenly trimmed while they are arguing in the church.
6. Music for Special Agent Bloom's arrival rescored with "Thought Contagion" by Muse.
7. Dialogue between Bloom and detectives trimmed.
8. Fight between Romeo and the russian trimmed to cut dialogue.
9. Dialogue between Bloom and the detective at the church crime scene trimmed.
10. Significantly cut dialogue at Concezio Yakavetta's house to make the character appear more intimidating. His inability to pronounce words correctly is eliminated and his prison rape allusions are removed.
11. Cut the homophobic slur Conor makes when referring to blonde hair.
12. Trimmed dialogue between the brothers and Romeo when discussing their plans for when they reach America.
13.Trimmed dialogue with the detectives at the station.
14. Trimmed and rescored Connor's fantasy plan. Scene rescored with "Hysteria" by Muse.
15. Warehouse shootout trimmed and rescored with "Container Park" from the Hanna soundtrack.
16. Scenes with the brothers and Romeo at Doc's bar trimmed and rescored with "Jumpin Jack Flash" by The Rolling Stones.
17. Gorgeous George penthouse scene trimmed.
18. Gorgeous George tanning bed scene trimmed.
19. Slow motion replay of the mexican restaurant shootout deleted.
20. Bloom helping the brothers restage the bodies in the mexican restaurant rescored with "Time is Running Out" by Muse.
21. Minor trimming to the scene where the brothers and Romeo get their new weapons.
22. Complete deletion of all lines from the "Agent Cuntzler" character as his whole character existed for a dumb joke. He is now just a background extra.
23. Penthouse shootout recut and rescored with "Shrinking Universe" by Muse.
24. Cut scene of Bloom helping Romeo come up with his new catchphrase since this wasn't physically possible.
25. Cut entire black and white dream scene with Rocco from the first movie.
26. Cut Cuntzler interrogating Yakavetta associate.
27. Trimmed final shootout at The Roman's mansion.
28. Aftermath of the shooting restructured. Noah no longer narrates and no dialogue is heard. Scene muted and then scored with "Ascent" from the 47 Meters Down soundtrack.
29. Credits music replaced with "The Saints are Coming" by U2 featuring Billie Jo Armstrong and a reprise of "Shrinking Universe" by Muse.

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A great edit to a bad movie. Ryantology has made this film a much more enjoyable and fun viewing experience. Nothing can be done to make it the same quality as the first movie but at least now it feels on par with it. If your like most fans of Boondock Saints and loved the first but hated the second, trust me watch this edit you wont regret it.

Thanks Ryantology I think I may sleep better at night now knowing I can finally enjoy Boondock Saints 2 because of your hard work :)

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