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FanMix June 23, 2015 2386
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I love the original Evil Dead series, the remake not as much. I was intrigued by this idea to make one super-long Evil Dead movie, but I was skeptical as I usually don't think 2-in-1 combo fanedits work (except for Matrix sequels).

A/V Quality - 9
HD quality is great, but the volume level for first Evil Dead was too low.

Editing - 9
Overall a great job done by Maniac. There were a couple audio transitions that stood out, but nothing major. The biggest editing issues I had were: 1) The reframing of the first Evil Dead could have been improved. It was just simply cropped and centered, and a handful of shots looked wrong. More attention should have been paid to this aspect. 2) The transition from the first movie to the second felt odd. I think it could have worked better if the cold opening from the remake had been placed at the very front of the edit, then go to 1983, then go to 2013.

Narrative & Enjoyment - 8
Eh, I didn't really think it worked out too well played back-to-back. It's obvious that the Necronomicons, cabins, etc. are not the same, and it feels a bit redundant to watch the same thing twice. An interesting experiment, but a bit of a drag. If this had been maybe 30 minutes shorter and more cleverly edited, this could have been something really great.

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July 01, 2015
You misunderstood what I mean about the aspect ratio. Of course you have to crop the footage to make 1.85 into 2.35. But you should have paid more attention to where the image was centered, shifting the image UP or DOWN for some scenes.
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