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FanFix August 17, 2010 3341
This is a very overlooked fan edit imo, with just 4 reviews and only 4 votes.

Personally this is one of my favorite fan edits. Q2 took a movie that i was not fond of…at all and turned it into a movie i can really enjoy.

The pacing in this edit was perfect, not once did i think that it was going to fast or to slow.

The cuts in this were completely seamless, and they took care of every issue i had with this movie, especially the HORRIBLE original ending and turned it into something completely amazing!

(this all coming from someone who has NOT read the comic, so i’m not sure if this edit is closer or further than the original source)

So if you have seen the original and weren’t happy with it give this fan edit a view.

Thanks Q2 for a job WELL DONE!
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