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Book of Eli, The: Q2 Edition
August 17, 2010    
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I was not aware (until shortly after the film came out) that this was inspired by a graphic novel. I was also unaware of the film's plot. I saw the trailer once or twice (and being a fan of post apoc material it got my attention). It was not until I finally saw the film (dvd) that everything fell into place and despite some of the film's overtones I think overall the feature worked well and I enjoyed it quite a bit (I would even go as far as saying I would love to see a super long extended cut of this someday, which some of the dvd's deleted scenes suggest). Naturally when Thunderclap then gave us an edit of a film I thought was fine to begin with I had to check it out.

I really do not want to spoil anything and it makes writing up this very short review a bit more difficult. However I can break it down like this. The edit moves very smoothly along. I also did not miss anything he removed. In fact the film now has stronger pacing and I do prefer this over the original. The original's twist ending is gone and though I liked that removal, Thunderclap's fixing of this twist did not ruin the film and as he mentioned gives it a more realistic feel (no "supernatural overtone"). It worked well. He also ended this film where it should have (the original gave us what you thought was an ending only to extend it for another, not terrible at all, but not really needed scene).

Video, editing and audio were all a 9+ with no issues that I could notice. He also gives us an optional text commentary which I need to watch next.

My only real gripe is the film having no chapter stops at all

All in all if you did like the original I have a strong feeling you will enjoy this as well, and by the same merit if you did not like the original you might find this version to be a bit of fresh air

9 stars–

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