Book of Eli (CAL-ligraphy Cut), The

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Brief Synopsis:
The Book of Eli, if it were a PG-13 action movie.
CAL0901 requested this edit so kindly and come on, it's Denzel!
Additional Notes:
An additional clean channel only track is included for anyone who wants to give this movie a new apocalyptic soundtrack
Other Sources:
Poster by minusxero
The Book of Eli logo by IridescentCatalyst
Cerilleta font
Special Thanks:
@CAL0901 for asking for this edit which triggered my impulses to get it done :)
Everyone who appreciates this edit
Release Information:
Special Features
Bonus clean center channel audio mix
Editing Details:
This PG-13 edits are some of the more intense edits that one can do. Creating a seamless experience when doing such heavy removal of dialogue and visuals is a challenge I'd pose to any faneditor who would like to brush up on their audio and visual editing chops. I know that I grow a ton from doing these in terms of a/v editing skills (or at least I'd like to think that).
Cuts and Additions:
0:00:00 + added FE Warning and logos
0:01:11 - Removed close up of man with gunshot wound to the head. Now white dissolves to his chest and continues to pan to the cat and Eli
0:02:49 - Removed Eli removing the arrow from the cat and the juicy sfx
0:03:43 + Added "CAL-ligraphy Cut" subtitle
0:06:42 - Removed Eli finding the man hanging in the closet and taking his boots. It now goes from him backing into the room to him staring a fire
0:10:53 - Removed woman asking for help and Eli getting ambushed. He now finds dead people, scavenges for items and prays over their bodies
0:14:24 - Replaced dialogue of the engineer cursing about Eli not being from around here
0:12:23 - Removed the assault on the woman that Eli watches and his "stay on the path, this is none of your concern" lines. It now slowly zooms to him as the woman runs off and screams, then cuts to the raiders taking the books which is slightly cropped to hide the half naked woman
0:17:59 - Removed henchman swearing
0:18:34 - Removed Carnegie's lewd comment to the raider and brought his "it's on the house" comment up in the mix to play over the shot of the raider looking at him
0:23:12 - Removed Eli grabbing the raider's throat to remove the overly bloody close up of his face
0:23:19 - Replaced another close up of the raider's bloody face with a different angled shot
0:24:46 - Trimmed up the bar fight to remove decapitations, blood spurts, and the man getting his head bashed in
0:39:23 - Reversed shot of Solara to be able to reuse shot later
0:39:45 -+ Removed Carnegie assaulting Solara's mother to get information from her. Added shot of Solara looking down and then up with rebuilt soundtrack to imply that she tells Carnegie about the book
0:40:03 -+ Removed Carnegie's henchman cursing and Added Carnegie's footsteps to sound mix
0:40:10 - Removed Redridge shooting his man in the head +Added a continuation of the background music to smooth over transition
0:43:36 - Removed Carnegie cursing at his men
0:43:37 - Painted out the blood splattering of the man on the roof's head exploding
0:44:08 -+ Removed henchman getting shot with blood spurting and the close up of Carnegie's knee getting shot.. Eli now shoots, and both the henchman and Carnegie go down. Added Carnegie's moans/yells from when he first is hit
0:47:27 - Removed Solara's "Hey, F-U" line
0:47:39 - Removed Carnegie f-bombing at his medic about washing his hands (rebuilt surround track)
0:47:54 - Removed the f-bomb from Redridge's comment about the book as well as Carnegie's f-bomb reply (rebuilt surround track)
0:49:27 - Removed Carnegie's "let's f'n get out of here" line and used the latter shot of Redridge as it shows more disdain for him
0:48:09 + Added shot of Hoyt and henchmen when Carnegie talks about ruling more than one small town
0:49:27 - Removed Carnegie cursing about ruling one f'ing small town
0:51:46 - Trimmed up the ambush assault on Solara. Removed the shot of the thug getting shot through the groin (you hear it while you see Solara, then it shows him looking surprised before he keels over dead). Removed the blood spurt when the other thug is shot through the neck and used sfx from the barfight to remove the overly juicy/gory sfx
0:52:14 - Removed overly juicy sfx
0:55:10 - Removed Carnegie's f-bomb (rebuilt surround track)
0:55:35 - Used a slow slight crop zoom in to hide Redridge's face when he curses (removed) before he say's Solara's name after finding her scarf
1:07:57 - Removed George saying, "forget the f'n china". Extended audio to smooth over transition
1:08:27 - Removed Martha's f-bomb (rebuilt surround track)
1:09:03 -+ Rebuilt surround track to have the explosive continue to beep and have Redridge yell at everyone to get out instead of cursing
1:09:10 - Removed the body parts falling on the ground. It now cuts to Eli and crew firing from the house at Carnegie's men. Smoothed transition by extending the incoming tracks into the cut
1:09:53 - Removed George finding Martha and then going hysterical and the gatling gun scene where he dies. The RPG was aimed directly at he and Martha, so it's implied that they died from the blast then cuts directly to Carnegie and his henchmen
01:11:17 - Removed Carnegie cursing under his breath (rebuilt surround track)
01:12:13 -+ Cut Carnegie's cursing at Hoyt after he says, "what's a tv?" Reversed Carnegie's video reaction as to first look at Hoyt then back at Redridge before yelling at him to go. Rebuilt soundtrack to smooth transition
1:16:48 - Removed Hoyt's cursing when seeing Redridge's overturned truck (rebuilt surround track)
01:17:47 -+ Rearranged Solara's reaction to Redridge grabbing her arm in order to use it in place of the scene where he pulls Eli's machete out of his chest. Adjusted surround track to remove some of the more gory sfx
1:39:44 + Added custom faneditor credits
1:40:29 + Added "A Digmodfication Fanedit" credit
01:46:58 + Added logos to end of movie

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