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Boogie Nights since it was released has always been a personal favorite of mine! So when I saw the deleted scenes from my purchased special edition , I determined "from my point of view" - having these scenes placed back in makes the movie more FUN are a big fan! Yes, I know why PT Anderson cut them out, but if you loved the movie, saw those deleted scenes, and WANT them put back in to enjoy a longer movie - then you want this fan edit!!!

Sure, most of the additions are incidental material...but some folks like that. HOWEVER I must point out adding the sub plots with Dirk learning about the death of his younger competitor, helping Becky, and then experiencing the Car Crash - really make this complete for me!!! The other scene with the improv of the gang getting high, as shown from under the coffee table was hilarious! That is IMPROV and a welcome addition, too.

As for the fanedit technicals - I thought the edits were clean and produced with the best technology and skill possible! Please contact me if we can make arrangements for me to obtain a copy of your most superior quality version you have!

Thanks again -

Steve Miller

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