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9.5 3 10
Extended Edition January 16, 2010 2991
A stone-cold (or in this case sweltering-hot) modern film-noir classic made perfect by the restoration of deleted scenes and fixing of continuity issues. I had recently watched “Body Heat” so I was pretty keen to see Wraith’s extended edition. There’s one very slight editing glitch towards the end when Oscar goes to the hotel as he draws a bead on Ned as the killer. I had to back it up and watch again to be sure I had seen what I thought I saw. But other than that this deft fanedit is top-notch, as befits a story of deceit and murder as primo as neo-noir gets. Which is in part due to the brilliant score by John Barry that completely nails the mood and tone of the tale. Nice job providing cues from the score for the restored footage. Kathleen Turner as Mattie Walker [yowza!] is quite possibly the epitome of cunning seductive manipulative siren, delivering a gold-standard gold-digger performance. Poor Ned! The sap didn’t stand a chance. Well done, Wraith, for producing the definitive version of “Body Heat”. [applause]
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