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Warning: I watched this edit in 640p. Please take that into account when reading this review.

Blue Velvet was one of those movies that I owned yet had never gotten around to watching (I haven't even opened it.) Recently, however, my interest in this deceptively packaged film had hit alongside a fascination with David Lynch that went beyond Dune. I figured it was a good time to try something I knew I'd never have the opportunity to try again: to watch a fanedit with no prior knowledge of its source material.

After looking at what was deleted from the theatrical cut, I knew I had made the right decision. Q2 restored what should never have been removed in the first place.

A/V Quality: 10

-Visual Editing: 10
Now remember that I had to look at the list of cut footage just to see what had been removed. The deleted scenes flowed effortlessly throughout the narrative. I didn't notice any raw graininess at all; everything fit.

-Audio Editing: 10
Can't really say much. It went unchanged and if the deleted scenes were of an inferior sound quality before they certainly aren't now.

Narrative: 10
An entire opening sequence has been reintroduced, changing Jeffrey Beaumont's character almost completely and helping the viewer understand that he would absolutely get into the mess he inevitably gets into. I don't know why this sequence was cut. The content of it was incredibly important and I feel I would have seen at least two characters in an entirely different light without it. The other deleted scenes were either important information or good ol' fashioned Lynch weirdness (a dog eating some food on stage as an entire nightclub looks on, fascinated, to name my favorite).
I should note that these inclusions did increase the run time by around 40 minutes, making the movie nearly three hours long. I suppose this isn't for everybody, but I was personally glued to my seat throughout this runtime and enjoyed every minute of this bizarre, disturbing, and oftentimes downright scary film noir.

Enjoyment: 10
Blue Velvet is and will probably remain one of my favorite Lynch movies. Something tells me I'd still enjoy the theatrical release, but I doubt I'll ever find out. It just wouldn't be quite the same without that dog. Q2 did an excellent job with this edit. It is absolutely worth watching.

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