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FanMix July 08, 2010 4507
***Spoliers ahead****

I was interested in this from the outset. Total Recall is a good film anyway, so a new take on it is most welcome. I did wonder whether this ‘Memeno-izing’ of films is becoming a bit cliche, I wasn’t really a big fan of Jorge’s Dark Knight. However in this case, taking your bulk-standard action film, where it is suggested that it could be all in his head, blurring the lines a little and then finishing the film and categorically stating….”yes it is!” was really cool!

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure where this was going – but it did strike me that it was really emphasised throughout the film that Quaid is literally living out the promised implant – so the ending came as no surprise. You’ll be pleased to know Jorge that afterward I went out for several cigarettes to think about what I’d seen and see if I fully got it and could put it all together!

Good work on removing plenty of the OTT action and ‘MMM, two weeks’.

Can’t fault it really – picture quality not so hot, but I’m guessing this is the fault of the source. So I’m going 10/10. Cool!.
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