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One word…….Fantastic! After I finished watching this movie, I was still left in shock and awe at what I saw after it was all over. It is true from the disclaimer that this edit will not be for everyone, but for me I thoroughly enjoyed every second.

As many others have commented already the video quality is a little iffy, but I don’t think it is no fault on what Jorge has accomplished here. Meaning I own the Special Edition of Total Recall in the tin can and quite frankly the video is pretty mediocre at best. Just because the video was a little bit of a bummer doesn’t mean the video editing wasn’t superb. Thats where Jorge’s skills come in and it’s clearly evident he is in a class all by himself. However, what I already PM’d Jorge about, was that his main concern was how did his 5.1 mix come out because I guess his other releases were in 2.0. The answer to that is obviously perfect. There was no blunders nor any bad audio transitions to think of. Very high marks there. What impressed me the most with the sound mix was the one part where Quaid gets off the tram on Mars and then you have a really cool video effect, sort of dream-like, and you innercut that with different people he’s encountered. Voices are panning to different speakers, some are clear while others are slowed down and garbley. Same thing with the beginning with Quato. Man that was brilliant. First class audio editing there.

I did have 2 small slight gripes though. Just a couple minor observations I picked up on. The first one being is that after Quaid has taken the chip out of his brain and Rickter and his henchmen think he is still there that whole scene is in color. Then they find out Quaid isn’t there and Rickter shoots the rat, but it just magically turns to black and white. Which of course shouldn’t of happened because that effect when the reverse chronological (B&W) and chronological (Color) meet is suppose to be saved for the end when the different elements merge together for the first time. No biggie though. The last one is that you have 2 sets of credits which I don’t think you need. The one’s at the beginning are perfect, I don’t think you need the ones from the original movies’ at the end. A little overkill in my opinion. Just overlay that music with the credits that scroll up. I don’t know how that would affect Jorge’s use of the “blue skies” music, but maybe it can be shortened somehow. Anyway just rambling. Overall, it still came up aces in my book and is a testament to Jorge’s skills!

Video: 6 out of 10. Like was said before just average video. I don’t have the Blu-Ray to compare this too. This is the only real thing wrong with this fan- edit.
Audio: 10 out of 10. Perfect. Nuff said.
Editing: 9 out of 10. Just the 2 small gripes I stated before knocks it down just a notch, Everything else is perfect.
Entertainment: 10 out of 10. It gets this high ranking because for me anyway it is just that damn good.

Overall: 9 out of 10.

I respectfully bow down and salute you my good man. Good job Jorge!
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